Inducting a thorough Belt Knowledge and Splicing Procedures Training Program at your facility. Tech Trade has been one of the backbones providing the belt splicing market services for many decades. Our knowledge has been appropriated from hands-on experience at one of the most trusted names in the belting industry; Dunlop Conveyor Belting, at their facility in Draachten, Netherlands. We would like to have the pleasure of passing down this knowledge and experience to your belt splicing team, conducting full training covering all what is needed to be known about belt maintenance, repairs and splicing, that will make your splicing team qualified to run the belts in the utmost efficient environment aiming for longer lifetime of your conveyor belts and minimizing your chances of halting your production operations for belt repairs. Furthermore, we will put their knowledge into test at the end of each day of the course, to make sure that all the information has been conveyed efficiently.

By the end of this course, your splicing team will:

  • Learn all about the conveyor belts, different types and cover grades.

  • Learn about the splicing materials.

  • Be able to differentiate between the qualities of the repair materials.

  • Learn about the different splicing techniques.

  • Perform on site splicing experiment.